6 ambulances sent to bus crash

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Article Date: 8/10/2009 | Resource: MLG

6 ambulances sent to bus crash

“Accident was at Harbor Boulevard and Heil Avenue in Fountain Valley.”

Six ambulances have been sent to the corner of Harbor Boulevard and Heil Avenue to treat victims of a collision between a bus and a sedan around 1:30 p.m. today.

An Orange County Transportation Authority bus headed north on Harbor collided with a silver BMW 4-door sedan pulling onto the street just south of Heil.

The front left quarter panel of the BMW was smashed in, as was the rear end. The car was spun around during the crash, its front end coming to rest on the curb.

The bus – an accordion model – did not show much obvious damage afterward, although the bike rack on the front end was dinged up.

The total number and severity of the injuries were not immediately known, although bystanders said the bus was carrying only a few people at the time of the crash.

A half-hour afterward, the bus driver was still at the scene talking to police. About five passengers were taken off the bus with neck braces on.

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