911 preschool crash tape: ‘I have a kid under a tire’

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Article Date: 6/1/2009 | Resource: MLG

911 preschool crash tape: ‘I have a kid under a tire’

“School employee urges paramedics to hurry as she discovers child under car.”

HUNTINGTON BEACH – Police have released a copy of the 911 call made from the Childtime Learning Center after a car drove through a classroom wall Thursday morning and injured five children.

A Learning Center employee who identifies herself as Christine tells the dispatcher, “Somebody just rammed through my school…. Somebody drove through the front of my school… Right into the window where my kids are.”

“I have a kid under a tire,” Christine adds moments later.
“How old is the child that is under the car,” the dispatcher asks.
“He’s three,” Christine says.

Screams can be heard in the background as the dispatcher asks if the child is awake.

“Yes, but he’s under the tire… he’s hurt. Why don’t I hear any sirens?”

As to so many 911 callers, that three minutes seemed like an eternity to Christine, whose tone grows more urgent as the dispatcher assures her that paramedics are on the way.

By the end of the 3-minute tape, sirens can be heard as police and firefighters arrive on the scene.

A copy of the recording can be heard at the upper right of this page.

Two children who suffered minor injuries have been released from the hospital, police said this morning.

The 3-year-old who was pinned by the car underwent surgery yesterday. He is in stable condition, as are the other two children, said Martha Werth, a spokeswoman for the Huntington Beach Fire Department.

One of the boys injured, 3-year-old Jaydon Morrison, suffered a punctured lung and a cut on his spleen, family members said.

His great-grandmother, Nancy Morrison, who was driving out from Arizona Friday morning to see Jaydon, said his leg is covered in bumps and bruises, and that his physical activity will have to be restricted for six months.

The accident was traumatic for the family, Morrison said, but “the whole thing could have been much worse.”

Jaydon, who has a mop of curly hair falling to his shoulders, was playing with one of his best friends, a two-year-old girl, when the car came through the wall.

“It is devastating to them right now,” she said.

Jaydon “loves the usual three year old stuff: cars and Thomas the Train,” she said. “He’s a doll. Everybody is just crazy about him.”

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