Another Problem on Live Oak Canyon Road

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Article Date: 4/23/2009 | Resource: External

Another Problem on Live Oak Canyon Road

“So far this month, three people have been seriously injured and two killed along the winding road.”

TRABUCO CANYON – Another crash along Live Oak Canyon Road left one person seriously injured Wednesday, just yards from where two earlier crashes this month killed two and left two in critical condition, authorities said.

“All these crashes are occurring in the same area,” said Capt. Marc Stone of the Orange County Fire Authority. Wednesday’s crash happened at about 5:30 p.m., about half a mile north of O’Neill Regional Park, where a man in his 20s lost control of his car and crashed into a tree, Stone said. The man was driving behind another vehicle on Live Oak Canyon Road until the driver ahead of him pulled over to let him pass, Stone said.

“The witness said they were driving fast in the area,” Stone said. After the driver of that car pulled over, it continued along the road only to see the wreck of the same car smashed into a tree, burning. The driver of that car stopped and helped to pull the man out of the wreck, Stone said.

The crash occurred just a short distance from where firefighters had responded Monday, where the driver and passenger of a minivan cab crashed with a truck along the same road, Stone said. Both the driver and passenger as still in critical condition in Mission Hospital.

On April 7, an 18-year-old driver and his 17-year-old passenger were also killed after a solo-crash in the road. The two crashed into tree and died at the scene. “It’s all within 100 yards of each other,” Stone said about the three crashes. Live Oak Canyon Road is a scenic and winding road that lined on both sides with several live oak trees. Several makeshift memorials, crosses, helmets, glasses and pictures of drivers and motorcyclist who have died along the road decorate it. Since 2006, nine people have been killed in crashes along the road.

The driver in Wednesday’s crash suffered several broken bones and was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated, Stone said.

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