Chain-reaction crash shuts northbound I-15 freeway

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Article Date: 6/10/2009 | Resource: MLG

Chain-reaction crash shuts northbound I-15 freeway

“11 people hurt, 10-15 vehicles involved in foggy Cajon Pass pileup.”

SAN BERNARDINO – About 15-20 vehicles piled up in fog on the I-15 freeway near the summit of Cajon Pass early today, causing at least 11 injuries and closing northbound lanes, authorities said.
The chain-reaction collision began when two tractor-trailer rigs crashed in northbound lanes near Oak Hills Road, officers said. At least one diesel spill occurred.

Early reports said that as many as 50 vehicles including two big-rigs were involved in the wreck.

At two people were taken to the hospital for moderate injuries, said CHP officer Jaci Parent. At least nine others reported minor injuries.

Cajon Pass rises to an elevation of more than 4,100 feet in the San Bernardino Mountains northeast of Orange County. It carries traffic between Southern California cities, Mojave Desert cities and Las Vegas.

All northbound lanes to the I-215, a northbound 15 transition road about five miles south of the incident, and the northbound 15 exit to the 138, are closed for at least two to three hours.

The closures will remain as hazmat crews clean up the spill, Parent said. Traffic is being diverted to the southbound 15 and southbound 215.

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