O.C. man drowns after being trapped under boat in Alaska

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Article Date: 8/18/2009 | Resource: MLG

O.C. man drowns after being trapped under boat in Alaska

“A Lake Forest man was trapped underneath a boat after it capsized outside Juneau.”

A retired pilot who neighbors believe flew for charity died on Tuesday in Alaska.

“He was a really friendly guy,” said neighbor Howard Duran, 66, who would greet him on his daily walks in the Lake 1 community. “He would always wave and smile.”

When the boat flipped over near Lena Point, Lehnhart became trapped underneath, said Megan Peters, spokeswoman for the Alaska State Troopers. Rescuers performed CPR as they took Lehnhart to a local hospital but he was pronounced dead a short time after.

Lehnhart was in a boating trip with his family at the time of the accident, Peters said. Wind at the time was blowing at about 16 knots and waves were about three feet.

“The boat took on several large waves,” Peters said, which led to its capsizing.

Seven people went into the water, but Lehnhart was trapped.

Everyone aboard the boat, including Lehnhart, were wearing life-vests, she said.

A fishing boat nearby pulled six of the passengers out of the water, Peters said.

“I don’t believe anyone else was transported to the hospital,” she said.

Duran said neighbors talked about Lehnhart flying for a local church but wasn’t sure which one it was.

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