Port agents seize $18.6M in fake designer sunglasses

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Article Date: 4/22/2010 | Resource: MLG

Port agents seize $18.6M in fake designer sunglasses

More than $18.6 million worth of fake designer sunglasses have been seized in the past month by agents at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, officials said today.

The bogus eyewear, which counterfeiters try to pass off as Versace, Luis Vitton and Coach, violate copyrights, hurt legitimate manufacturers and may cause injuries to consumers, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.

The counterfeit glasses may not be impact resistant or fail to provide protection from ultraviolet sun rays, officials added.

Agents seized six shipments between March 13 and April 14 of about 156,900 pairs of counterfeit sunglasses from vessels that arrived from China, officials said.

“Stopping the importation of counterfeit and pirated merchandise continues to be a top priority for CBP,” said Christopher Perry, acting director of Field Operations, Los Angeles.

“These seizures are fine examples of the hard work the men and women of CBP perform to protect the American consumer and the economic vitality of our country,” Perry added.

During the last fiscal year, CBP officials made 14,841 seizures of counterfeit and pirated goods, with a total domestic value of $260.7 million, at U.S. ports of entry.

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