SUV crashes through office in medical plaza

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Article Date: 8/28/2009 | Resource: MLG

SUV crashes through office in medical plaza

An SUV smashed through the wall and into an office today in the Newport Avenue Medical Plaza.

The Honda SUV went about 12 feet into the office about 10 a.m., destroying the wall and a desk, said Sally Brummett, an employee at the Tustin Hearing Center, at Newport and Warren avenues.

“I didn’t know what to think at first,” said Alana Munding, an audiology assistant at the center whose birthday was today. “I didn’t know if we were having an earthquake or there were construction people upstairs. Then I heard Sally yell, ‘Run, get out of here!’ and started running.”

The driver was a 79-year-old woman, said Sgt. Jeff Blair of the Tustin Police Department. She was driving a gray Honda SUV.

About 13 people were in the Tustin Hearing Center at 12791 Newport Ave. during the crash but none were injured. The driver complained of pain, Blair said.

Brummett was on the phone at the time and said she saw the woman hit a pole and back up.

“I thought she was going to straighten the car out, but she rammed it again, three times, and came through the building,” Brummett said.

She was parking the car when she drove too far ahead, and put the car in reverse, but overcompensated, Blair said. Then she put the car in drive and hit the side of the building, he said.

The hole in the wall has been boarded up. One desk was destroyed.
“It was very scary,” Brummett said. The Tustin Hearing Center will be open during regular hours while the company rebuilds the wall, Munding said.

The driver has not been charged with a crime. Police are investigating, Blair said.

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