Alfie is an elegant and sweet black cat

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Breed: Domestic shorthair

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Neutered male

Alfie’s story: Sweet, elegant Alfie has been waiting for a new home since March. People tend to overlook black cats like Alfie because of the stigma that they are associated with bad luck, but that’s certainly not true. These sweet felines have been given an unfair reputation. Countries like Japan, Ireland, Great Britain and Scotland embrace black cats as pets, believing them to be symbols of good fortune. Alfie’s sleek black coat resembles sophistication and strength on the surface, and his curious, nutty, yet affectionate personality makes him the total package.

Adoption procedure: If you want to give Alfie the opportunity to debunk the negative myths that have surrounded these gorgeous house panthers for years, visit the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center and learn more about his reduced adoption fee. The center is located at 28095 Hillcrest. For more information, call 949-470-3045 or visit cmvas.org.