Long Beach police #InMyFeelings video widely viewed, but cops take it down when stories of hazards arise

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The Long Beach Police Department posted its own version of the viral #InMyFeelingsChallenge recently, but then had a change of heart when some starting warning of the possible dangers of this fad that has some people jumping out of moving cars.

For weeks, videos have surfaced around the world of some people exiting moving vehicles from the passenger seat, with someone else driving, and dancing in the street to Drake’s hit “In My Feelings.” Many of these videos posted to social media show the subjects dancing as the lyrics begin with, “Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?” as the car crawls next to them.

Some dancers have fallen while in the road, or even gotten hit by their own vehicles or others, so some public-safety agencies have taken to warning people of the hazards of doing the viral stunt. The National Transportation Safety Board shared on social media that the challenge was distracting and could be deadly.

Long Beach police posted a video in which a female police officer dances next to a very-slow-moving squad car, with another officer driving. It was well received and viewed 900,000-plus times.

But the agency decided to take it down.

(The video still exists online out in the the social-media world.)

“This #InMyFeelingsChallenge video was taken while safety measures were in place,” the July 24 post reads. “Due to the July 23 NTSB recommendation and in an abundance of caution, this video has been removed.”

Long Beach police did not return calls for comment.