La Habra plans to install splash pads at two parks with $1.2 million grant

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As the summer heat picks up again and school begins, the city of La Habra is looking at installing splash pads at two of its 20 parks with a $1.2 million grant from the state.

The grant comes from work with former Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton), whose staff reached out to the city for projects the state could collaborate on. The grant is expected to be “sufficient” to build two splash pads at two different sites.

Officials planned to visit other splash pads to see what would work for La Habra’s parks. At this time, there are no identified sites for the splash pads, but the city plans to host a series of community workshops to get input on what is constructed once those sites are identified, Rob Ferrier, assistant to the city manager, said.

City staffers met with state officials earlier this month to discuss the grant guidelines and the project.

There is no current estimated time of construction, but having the water features built is expected “sooner than later” in the next three years, Ferrier said.