Laguna Woods Village condo board appoints new directors

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Laguna Woods Third Mutual Board appointed two new members, former Village Management Services director Reza Karimi and community volunteer Annie McCary, to its ranks during a special, open meeting on Friday, Feb. 22.

Two other candidates, Craig Wayne and Jim Tao, were also considered for seats.

Karimi’s one-year term as Third’s representative on the VMS board, which began in mid-November, will end prematurely as he takes office as a Third Mutual board director, according to a release.

“The chance to make a meaningful impact on the community is an opportunity I cannot turn away from,” he said in a release.

Reza Karimi (Courtesy of Village Management Services)

Karimi holds a doctorate in analytical chemistry and a master’s degree in petroleum engineering and analytical chemistry.

When he’s not in the boardroom hashing out resolutions, residents may be able to find the Pickleball Club member on the court or enjoying movie night at the Performing Arts Center.

“The Third Mutual board offers an avenue for me to serve those I live with,” Karimi said, “and to help residents with special needs garner additional resources and outlets that, in turn, will enhance the efficiency, prestige and lifestyles of those residing within the community here in the Village.”

As for McCary, she’s been busy in her five years in the Village.

Currently, she’s president of the African American Heritage Club, a member of the Robert’s Rules of Order Club  — a group dedicated to the checks and balances of parliamentary procedure — and a neighborhood captain for Laguna Woods Village Disaster Preparedness.

For 25 years, McCary put her master’s degree in science for nursing to work at the County of Los Angeles Department of Health Resources as an assistant nursing director, according to a release.

“Every day I am grateful to live in a community where I enjoy so many benefits, including safety, senior activities and nature to name a few … so many residents give their time and talents to make this community so great,” she said. “Serving on the Third Board will provide an opportunity to give back to the community.”

Annie McCary (Courtesy of Village Management Services)

Both Karimi and McCary have been sworn in, and their terms start immediately.

Karimi replaces former director Paul Chao, fulfilling his term ending in 2021. McCary will replace former director James Tung under a term ending in 2020.