Some Santa Ana police officers to don vintage-inspired badges for city’s 150th anniversary

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Some Santa Ana police officers will soon sport a slightly different look: They’ll be wearing a vintage-inspired badge to celebrate the city’s 150th anniversary.

“We knew we were coming up on the anniversary and people started asking ‘What are we going to do?’ and obviously the badge is symbolic,” police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.

Though police badges in Santa Ana are typically oblong and rounded, these are seven-pointed stars.

“It’s designed to look like the original badge that was issued,” Bertagna said.

Officers who want to can buy the badge and wear it through 2019 to celebrate the anniversary. The current badge worn by officers is an intricate depiction of the City Hall building and the city seal.

The sesquicentennial badge features a ribbon across the top reading “150 Years” and another ribbon below with the rank. It reads “Santa Ana Police” in block letters and the station number in the center. On either side of the station number, are the years 1869 for the city’s conception and 2019.

The Santa Ana Police Department created an anniversary duty badge, center, to commemorate the founding of the city 150 years ago. It was designed to appear similar to the badges worn by the first city officers, left. Officers can purchase the badges and wear them through 2019 in place of the current design, right. (Courtesy of the Santa Ana Police Department)

They are rolling out to officers as they are delivered. The first to get his: Chief David Valentin.

“Our 150th year anniversary uniform duty badge is a proud symbol of our rich city history and tradition of police service to our Santa Ana community,” he said.

A committee began the process of choosing the design in July 2018; the final decision came after input from the department.

Claimed in 1869 by Kentuckian William H. Spurgeon, the city of Santa Ana was incorporated years later in 1886, which is the same year the Santa Ana Police Department was created. It had one chief and six part-time officers, also known as constables.

At a recent count the department had 383 sworn officers and 266 professional staff members. There have been about 300 orders for the badges, which cost $75, from officers and non-sworn employees of the department with some display sets have been purchased by some retirees.