Advocacy for the Injured in Orange County

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
– Benjamin Franklin

A Record of Results in Personal Injury Claims

The Marquart Law Group was founded on the principle that clients should have direct, regular contact with their lawyers in the very personal process of seeking compensation for injuries. Jeff Marquart practices from our offices in Rancho Santa Margarita and Orange, and live in South Orange County near the clientele we serve.

We are a boutique law firm and carry prestige with other attorneys who frequently refer cases to us because of our demonstrated ability to achieve results. In fact, many referrals have come from opposing counsel who respected our thorough case analysis and preparation and our ethical standards of negotiating in good faith.

Highly Qualified and Credentialed Lawyers
Jeff Marquart is a degreed mechanical engineer. He applies his technical knowledge to our clients’ advantage in holding manufacturers accountable in product liability cases and in accident reconstruction in auto accidents and other personal injury and wrongful death claims. Mr. Marquart earned his law degree from the prestigious Notre Dame Law School, and worked as a partner at larger law firms in Southern California before founding The Marquart Law Group in 2006.

We Invest Resources and We Invest Ourselves
We make the front-end investments in research and preparation that pay dividends at settlement or at trial. Every case is prepared for the possibility of trial, and we retain a wide range of experts to support your claim. Our lawyers frequently use simulated depictions of how the injury or death occurred, reconstructed from our thorough investigations of accident scenes and witness accounts.

The risk in investing time and financial resources is all ours. You owe no attorneys’ fees unless we succeed in recovering your rightful damages for the negligence. Once we sink our teeth in a case, we are tenacious in preparation, negotiation, and litigation. We accept settlements only when we believe it meets our clients’ long-term needs and we have exhausted all potential insurance coverages.

At The Marquart Law Group, we are empathetic to the painful physical recovery, economic hardships, and personal anguish that result from any personal injury. We ensure clients receive the proper medical diagnosis and treatment, and we strive to be approachable, accessible, and compassionate throughout the process.

We genuinely care, and we have the wherewithal to pursue your claim. You can reach at (949) 589-0150 or describe your situation online, and we will respond promptly. In your free case evaluation, we will give you a frank assessment of your possible claim and discuss your legal options.