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Collisions with trucks happen in many ways, but almost all trace back to human error in one way or another. To properly investigate a truck accident, your legal counsel must be familiar with the technical aspects, insurance laws, and federal trucking regulations. To secure maximum compensation, an attorney must be adept at pinpointing the negligence and convincing a jury or insurance company.

If your family member was injured or killed in tractor-trailer accident in South Orange County, call The Marquart Law Group of Rancho Santa Margarita, California, at (949) 589-0150 to commence the investigation.

Experienced Truck Accident Litigators

Jeff Marquart’s background in mechanical engineering is extremely valuable in reconstructing a crash, and Alyson Cunny’s extensive experience in insurance litigation enables us to counter defendants’ arguments and address complex liability issues. Together we present a formidable case for recovery of damages in these devastating accidents, which all too often result in multiple injuries, catastrophic injuries, or death.

The Marquart Law Group actively investigates accident scenes to gather evidence and debrief witnesses. We visit the site ourselves and often employ accident reconstruction specialists, aerial photographers, and commercial vehicle experts to gather clues from the debris field, skid marks, and the truck’s “black box” data recorder. Our forensic examination aims to uncover the root cause(s):

  • Driver error – unsafe turning or lane changes, excessive speed, inattentive driving
  • Vehicle maintenance – brakes, tires, lights, tarps
  • Design issues – trailer underride guards, faulty kingpin hitches
  • Loading – overweight, imbalanced, or unsecured freight
  • Negligent hiring – prior violations or drug use, inadequate training
  • Trucking company practices – falsified log books and pressure to exceed DOT rules on Hours of Service without rest

We are not interested in a fast claim that falls short of your long-term needs. Our personal injury lawyers invest the resources required to solicit a fair settlement or produce a compelling case at trial.

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The earlier we are involved, the better we are able to preserve evidence critical to proving liability. Contact our experienced truck accident lawyers for a
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