Advocacy for Head Trauma Victims

Brain injury is the most overlooked result of motor vehicle crashes, falls, and other accidents. The brain damage can be subtle, and the full extent may not be realized until months or even a year after the accident. The Marquart Law Group works to guide clients to the proper medical care, then connect the head injury to the event to collect full damages for what may be a lifelong disability.

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Investing in Your Claim: Diagnosing Brain Injury

Brain damage can result from direct trauma, as when a motorcyclist’s head strikes the pavement, or in the massive deceleration in a crash as the brain is jostled inside the skull.

When brain injury is suspected, we send the client for neuropsychological testing, and may also refer the person to a neurologist or speech and language therapist. As insurance may not pay for these important diagnostics, The Marquart Law Group often pays these costs up front. Our lawyers may opt to pay for experts who will investigate the negligence that caused the personal injury accident and determine the amount of compensation required to cover future medical care, personal care, lost earnings, and loss of quality of life.

Our skilled and compassionate attorneys understand the gravity of these injuries in terms of the physical, financial and psychological impact. We work closely with families to document telltale symptoms and changes in the victim:

  • Memory loss
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Personality change and outbursts
  • Vertigo and flashes of light
  • Inability to concentrate or multi-task
  • Difficulty speaking or processing language
  • Loss of motor skills
  • Impaired vision or hearing

Brain injury claims can be difficult to prove, and are often blamed on pain medications or post-accident stress. We employ every resource required, from medical expert testimony to before-and-after videos of the victim’s life, to demonstrate the very real and devastating effects. The Marquart Law Group partners with families through the long process. Contact us at (949) 589-0150 for a free consultation.

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