Confidential: Brain Injury, Vehicle Rollover


Amputation; Product Liability re Industrial Machinery with Comparative Negligence


Confidential: 3 Wrongful Deaths; De-tread, Vehicle Rollover


Confidential: Brain Injury; Trucking Accident


Broken Leg; 17 days ICU; ORIF, Retired Engineer; Trucking accident


Broken Leg ORIF; Pedestrian


Wrongful Death; pedestrian crossing mid street; Airport Shuttle Van


Premises Liability; pretrial offer $15K


Confidential; Head injury; Rear End Accident


Confidential; Motor Vehicle Accident; Vehicle Rollover


Motor Vehicle Accident


Bicycle Accident; Pelvis


Vehicle Accident; Policy Limits


Shoulder; Construction site injury


Lumbar Spine; Slip & Fall/Premises Liability


Automobile Accident; Neck and Back


Premises; Trip and Fall; Hip Injury


Rear End accident; Neck and Back


Auto Accident; Shoulder Injury


Pedestrian; Minor; Policy Limits


Bicycle Accident; Policy Limits


Confidential; UPS Driver; Lower Back; Premises Liability


Bicycle accident; Shoulder


Automobile Accident; Parking Lot; Neck


Premises; Knee Injury


Trip and Fall; Arm


Bicycle; Product Defect; Ankle


Automobile Accident; Thumb Injury


Rear End accident; Neck


Premises; Ankle Injury


Motorcycle; Policy Limit


Motorcycle; Policy Limit


Automobile Accident; Soft Tissue


Premises; Arm Injury


Pedestrian; Soft Tissue


Chair Collapse; Soft Tissue


Pharmaceutical; Mis-prescribed, Fall Injury