Uncovering Design Flaws in Auto Accidents

If you have suffered serious injury in a car crash or rollover, the vehicle itself may have caused or aggravated your injuries. The Marquart Law Group can determine whether auto defects were a factor, and aggressively pursue a product liability lawsuit.

Our Rancho Santa Margarita lawyers have prevailed against major auto manufacturers through settlements and judgments on behalf of victims injured in Southern California, particularly in South Orange County. Preserving evidence is the key to proving an automaker’s liability – call us immediately at (949) 589-0150 to start the investigation.

Auto Defects

The very safety features meant to protect drivers and passengers can cause many injuries or wrongful deaths because of poor design or manufacturing error. We are familiar with the typical injuries in these crashes, including neck and back injury, facial injury and disfigurement, brain injury, or loss of limb and other catastrophic injuries.

The Marquart Law Group has recovered compensation for all types of auto defect cases:

  • Airbags – The airbag fails to deploy, or deploys at the wrong time or at a dangerous angle.
  • Seat belts / shoulder restraints – The latch breaks, the catch mechanism fails, or the shoulder harness chokes the driver/passenger or injures their neck.
  • Seatbacks – The seat collapses or comes loose from its moorings.

SUV rollover injuries and fatalities often stem from critical design flaws:

  • Vehicle stability – Many SUVs are prone to flip and roll under conditions where other passenger vehicles would not.
  • Crashworthiness – The structural integrity of the roof and supports fails, collapsing on occupants, or design elements of the interior and seatbelts exacerbate injuries.
  • Tire separation – Due to poor design or inferior materials, the tread detaches, causing blowout and sudden, violent instability.

Jeff Marquart
, a degreed mechanical engineer, understands the highly technical language of design and manufacturing defects, often using video demonstrations to illustrate what happened.

Early Investigation is Critical

The Marquart Law Group mobilizes to investigate crash scenes — our attorneys often visit the sites themselves. Our attorneys use accident reconstructionists and hire automotive engineering experts who can inspect the vehicle(s) and testify about auto defects.

We are committed to securing full compensation for our clients. Contact us immediately to preserve the evidence crucial to your claim. We offer a free case evaluation at (949) 589-0150.

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