Advocating for Motorcycle Crash Victims

No matter what really happened, motorcycle riders are inevitably blamed for a motorcycle accident. The Marquart Law Group is skilled at counteracting the stigma against motorcyclists and demonstrating the negligence of others that actually caused the crash.

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Our clients have suffered serious injuries — or lost a loved one in a fatal motorcycle accident. We invest the financial resources and invest ourselves to ensure that the victims we represent are compensated to the greatest extent possible for their tragic losses. Start the investigation by contacting our Rancho Santa Margarita, California, office as soon as possible.

Proving Liability in Motorcycle Accidents

In the vast majority of cases, an automobile driver failed to see the motorcycle while turning left at an intersection, pulling out onto a highway, or changing lanes on the freeway. In investigating the accident, we identify witnesses who can attest that our client was the innocent victim operating in a safe and legal manner. Our lawyers personally visit crash sites to record observations and take photos. Jeff Marquart, a degreed mechanical engineer, often works with accident reconstruction specialists to build the case for negligence through forensic examination of evidence.

We also attempt to preserve the motorcycle and the other vehicle for inspection by experts. In representing a number of CHP motorcycle officers, The Marquart Law Group has demonstrated improper assembly by the manufacturer or negligent maintenance that contributed to the crash.

Motorcycle Injuries

In 4 of every 5 collisions, the riders or passengers on the motorcycle suffer serious harm, including brain damage, paralysis, loss of limbs and other catastrophic injuries. We hire physicians, economists, and rehabilitation experts to determine the extent of injuries and future needs so that we can present a comprehensive claim for monetary damages.

California’s mandatory helmet law may be raised as a defense if the victim was not helmeted. Our attorneys counter this injury causation argument by showing that the motorcycle operator would have been injured with or without a helmet. If the motorcyclist and other driver are determined to share fault for the accident, we can still pursue damages under California’s contributory negligence law.

We explore all avenues of insurance, including uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, to get full compensation. The Marquart Law Group has a successful record of settlements and judgments in motorcycle accidents, and a reputation for compassionate, responsive service to clients throughout the process.

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