Timeline for the Santa Margarita Parkway Bridge Lawsuit

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Article Date: 6/17/2009 | Resource: MLG

Timeline for the Santa Margarita Parkway Bridge Lawsuit

Nov. 6, 2005: Jennifer Lee Hashimoto, 35, accidentally fell to her death from the Santa Margarita Parkway Bridge, stepping off where she thought there was a walkway, friends said.

Oct. 26, 2006: Gregory Wolters, an employee of Econolite Traffic and Maintenance, was doing maintenance on the bridge, when he stepped into the gap between the two parkways. He died as a result of the more than 60-foot drop.

April 2007: Kellie Wolters filed a lawsuit for unspecified amounts of money against Rancho Santa Margarita and the county and state, alleging their responsibility for her husband’s death.

September 2007: Wolters dropped her case against the county.

October 2007:Wolters dropped her case against the State Department of Transportation.

June 17, 2008:A Mission Viejo resident committed suicide by jumping off the bridge, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

June 25, 2008:Orange County Superior Court Judge Sheila Fell held a hearing on whether to render a summary judgment in the Wolters case.

Sept. 8, 2008: Anticipated date of jury trial in the Wolters case. It is set for Orange County Superior Court, Room C-22, at 9 a.m.

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